Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations Review


The PC implementation of resident evil: Revelations revealed in the test as the first real resident evil for a long time. With all his strengths. And weaknesses.

As Resident Evil: Revelations hit us in the Newsroom, we involuntarily rolled through the eyes. No wonder, after all, the developer Capcom with resident evil 6 and the action offshoot bekleckerte operation raccoon City last not just with fame. Fans were already by the end of the once glorious horror series.

But in February 2012, a game for Nintendo’s handheld console 3DS precisely attracted the attention of the resi trailer: Resident Evil: revelations. Because is using the survival shooter on the roots of the series, preferring subtle horror of the brutal action. Now Capcom goes to the PC implementation of the 3DS-Spiels. And we ask ourselves: revelations can repair scratched on reputation of the series actually on our favourite platform? And what about the technical implementation?

What happened so far

In 2004, the city Terragrigia built on the Mediterranean Sea is a flagship for the metropolis of the future. But it is over, as the terrorist organization Veltro sets out the entire area an insidious virus. The city is then razed to the ground.

A year later, which should B.S.A.A.-agent Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani on the coast strange carcass study, which are infected by a malicious agent – a relic of Terragrigia? But this is not the only problem, because soon we must make us ex-partner and series veteran Chris Redfield on the search after Jill’s, who disappeared on the mysterious cruise Queen Zenobia. A rogue, who suspected a link.

What promises the prelude, is held by the comprehensive around ten hours campaign. Revelations tells a consistently compelling story that is driven by elaborately animated cutscenes and holds some surprise ready. That revelations was originally a handheld game and 20-to 40-minute, perfectly suitable for the underground story morsels divides the twelve episodes to round, good for the PC version. As a result the new resident presents evil namely as a tautly told horror series that waits at the end of every episode with a motivating Cliffhanger. Revelations is lacking the enormous amount of resident evil 6 with his four campaigns in addition to co-op this however.

Only one in the

Playful revelations focuses on the early parts of the series, ahead in Resident Evil 4: we control all Jill (later other characters like Chris or Parker) from the perspective of the shoulder through mostly dark rooms and corridors, grazing the area for items and clues and create us with infected Gesocks.

Unlike as in Resident Evil 5 and 6 Capcom opponents but as cheap cannon fodder does. Instead, the zombies were distributed carefully sporadically in the levels. This ensures pleasant thrill in conjunction with the always acute shortage of ammunition and pleasantly reminiscent of the good old days of the resi. Annoying, however, that revelations but not one without or other action Insert comes out, where we minutes shoot at approaching enemies. This happens rarely, but still every time pulls us from the otherwise terrific horror mood.

As in the past search we meticulously every nook and cranny for ammo packs and medicinal herbs, what is fun and easier by hand through the new Genesis scanner. A pity, however, that Capcom has dramatically thinned the extensive and very motivating upgrading system for weapons and talents when compared to its predecessors. The developers have even completely deleted series typical combining red, green and yellow herbs.



Reus Game Review


Four Dutch students worked for two years at the reus building God simulation for the PC. Our test indicates whether it can compete with other representatives of the genre.

Playing the building, reus, that is such a thing. On the one hand it calls for building skills and management abilities with a complex resource system, on the other hand, it however suffers shortcomings that hardly likely materialise when only four working on such a game. In the following we explain where reus shines and where it could be better.

Creation? Without me!

» In the beginning, God created heaven and Earth. but the Earth was formless and confused, darkness was above the superimposed and God’s spirit hovered over the waters. God said: Let there be light. And there was light.» Had God but probably suddenly don’t feel like more on the whole creation thing then ceded the remaining work to four giants. In the shape of the ocean, forest, stone, and swamp giants, it is up to us to transform the global wasteland into a fertile paradise for people.

To achieve this, we need the broke this planet in a habitable condition transport. To do this, skin our ocean giant a huge hole in the bone-dry soil and packing it full of water that moistened the surrounding fields and prepare them for performances by forest or swamp giant. The two create either Green Green or

So a little mud floor and scrub is not enough but the wandering nomads who would be happy to settle down. The verfressenen types want something between the teeth. Therefore, our forest giant still fix conjures a blue Berry shrub in the forest and has created the first settlement.

Nomadic freedom of choice

Alternatively we have also our swamp with delicious animals or plants can make attractive or our stone Giants excavate a mine with valuable minerals. Then there the nomads had settled. With our stone giant we have can cause just a desert. Depending on our decisions, the nomads prove their settled life in all three possible regions. But we have planted our shrub in the forest and that is why we now have a nice little forest development.

Come on, what we build

A short time later our forest people begins with his first, normal project – a granary. There are such projects in reus in three levels – normal, advanced and great – and they require fullest use and certain amounts of raw materials from us so that they can be completed.

The planned granary is still moderate in their demands, only 30 food units are required. Later projects may require ever-300 units of food, plus 200 wealth or technology units and the condition that another people bless the temporal.

Interesting aspect

But now we need times only 30 units of food to build the granary. The problem, however, is that our hastily planted, mickriger blue Berry shrub of only five drops food and the borders of the settlement offer not enough space to plant more five blue berry bushes. So we miss the one-sided diet dilemma, there are Symbioses and mutations in reus. If we look at the Info window of our life-giving blue Berry shrub more closely, we see that this provides more food if he should live next to a strawberry Bush.

To reap the fruits of this symbiosis, we plant a further blue Berry shrub first in addition to our Pioneer scrub. With the leaf aspect of the forest giant, an improvement spells of each giant has three different available, we mutate a blue berry bushes in a strawberry Bush. After the mutation, our revenue of the interplay of blue and strawberry rises to 23 food units. Now a blue Berry shrub, we rely on the other side of the strawberry Bush, coming to a total of 38 food and the granary will be completed.

Star Trek PC

Star Trek Review

star trek pc

Co-op with Kirk and Spock to the original speaker and the legendary Soundtrack – Star Trek to ruin the atmosphere at such conditions, a developer would have to the game mechanics already catastrophic put in the sand. Digital Extremes has made it’s impressive. How exactly do we tell in the test.

Do you already know the most effective tactics of Starfleet? We affectionately call the “phaser lemming.” No? Too bad, because that’s how: Kirk and Spock want in a turret over. So Kirk runs out firing on all cylinders and can be the thing to shoot over the pile.

This is refined, because the cannon now thinks Kirk Kirk is dead this is just half dead, has a clear shot and blows up the tower with a couple of phaser beams. Before the Enterprise captain subsequently bleeds, Mr Spock just have to come out of hiding and Kirk doctoring, and the supple already jumping to his feet. The Phaser Lemming has struck.

Online Activation

Star Trek needs to be activated once via Valve’s Steam online platform. Although you may then install the game on as many computers, a resale is then no longer possible.

Scissors, paper, stone, Lizard, Spock

Whether we shoot ourselves by Star Trek, the third-person shooter on the recent Star Trek movies now as Kirk or Spock, we may decide to start mission. The other is – at least in single player mode – taken by the computer and follows us through a story out of a textbook. From the “Star Trek stories for Dummies” textbook, to be exact.

It says, for example inside that makes you never actually wrong in launching the call for help with a crashing space station thing. On the inevitable rescue mission of a Vulcan captain could then make a lovely Lady Alien, possibly. The course requires no personality, but someone needs to tell Kirk so that it (the Helios machine we call it) is because of this ominous artifact about which to rotate the whole cliché pulp.

Now only missing a few villains, the alien artifact Lady and tear under the nails. Amateurs could now think of complex and interesting opponent as the Borg or the Romulans, but a true professional uses naturally back to the Gorn, those subtly ridiculous plastic lizard creature from the original series. They want to fight and eventually only dominate the galaxy – just fine!

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve Review


An adventure with Minecraft-bonds and Tim Burton look. Sounds strange? Is true! Do not show in the test starve, but that the mix properly.

The typical game hero has no great problem to survive in the wilderness. He suffers no hunger, make no difference to him day and night, and he has done any predators more quickly, as we» conservation «can call. And the Frag grenades go out him, but otherwise everything in the best order is.

Wilson is different: the scientist is exposed in don’t starve by the sinister villain Maxwell in the wilderness, and it is the little guy as long as possible in the life to us, to get. That was on the whole, even with the story of the action-adventure. The game tells no profound story with many twists and turns, instead go here just to one: survive. We have us go in the great outdoors, conducted diary and quickly found: the constant hunger is just one of many dangers.

The axe in the forest

Day 1: As we are. Set in a randomly generated world, completely on our own. A bird lands in front of us, a few meters on a Bunny hop. Both could not be caught, so we focus first of all on the flora. We spend the next minutes to stuff the pockets of us fully with grasses and twigs. For the small hunger occasionally we interject a few berries and carrots. Already after a short time we have together enough raw materials to make us an axe in the somewhat confusing designed building menu.

With our tool, we cut a tree after another, and diligently collect wood. Because most items in don’t starve regular application slow unusable will, we should have so keep an eye on the current state and enough spare parts on hand. It is now night. That takes us precious little, finally we hack just like the world champion. Suddenly however,’s zappenduster, and before we put us, we are bitten by something. Since we can not defend in complete darkness, we ignite a bonfire, which distributes this something wild clicking. Whew, that was close. Of the thing in the dark no trace. In the flickering light, we seem to be safe. But this will be a long night.

Day 2: Sleep was of course out of the question. For this we have set ourselves apart with the three health indicators. The stomach symbolizes our stomach just… well. The heart in turn stands for our life energy and the brain reflects our mental state. He deteriorated to the example, if we dare us evening too far into the dark. Are we suddenly imaginary enemies appear insane, and we hear voices. In addition, we have made us two items: A backpack that expanded our inventory, and a trap. No more olle carrots and berries! Fear us, yummy Bunny!

Night 2: Cursed you should be, yummy Bunny! When attempting to grill the derived meat, we have caused our bonfire beneath a tree. As a result, Forest fire. We need to practice again.
Day 3: New day, new discoveries. We have found that many items made from stones, gold nuggets and wood as only through the construction of ominous machines unlock a greater axe can be. Since then, we chop all the rocks we can find, short and small. Very practical: We have a map that shows not only the areas that we have already explored, but also the there raw materials.

Zack Zero Review

Already an indication how much fun the generic jump & run hidden Zack zero – in this name. Guess!

Zack Zero

You know, one of these 08/15 implementation of animated films and series which are designed mostly to that scheme F, which promises quick killing in the target group in the wake of the template: hero or heroine bounce through colourful levels, shoppin’ in simple battles, child friendly puzzles and collect all kinds of brilliant coins or orbs (see WALL-E or above!). All too often the familiar characters are the only selling point.

Zack zero is just a game — just without cinema or TV role model as a livelihood: the title Zack is a guy in a battle which interplanetary provides for law and order, fighting against evil aliens and beachfront likes holiday with his girlfriend Marlene.

But, said Marlene is kidnapped by the aliens and so our generic hero in a generic adventure, whose generic Handlung in generic comic book images of a generic Narrator down is recited pounces. It is no exaggeration: we have have rarely seen a such sluggish German speakers with such underground intonation.

Zack’s rescue mission is a jump & run – Classic from left to right and with short excursions in the foreground or background. Which are aggravated by some unfortunate camera pans, but particularly in the outdoor areas, the design has a successful sci-fi charm: exotic flora, decent textures and, in a positive sense, mittelprächtige effects.

The building blocks of the level, so rocks, platforms, plants or House, but have a bad plastic look, seem strangely glued together and therefore rarely like a cast. Inside (about a space station) do better, the sterile halls are pretty dreary.

Fundamental changes

Now complete the little innovative standard procedure of jump & runs in this environment: solve bouncy passages where such platforms away crumble under your feet, Dodge automatic rifles or aggressive monsters, gasping in the background for you, and fight several opponents with melee and ranged attacks.

Including such silly guckende aliens, which go off with Spears and shotguns on you, voracious beetle, acid burp at the end are frogs, ballernde turrets or bosses at the end of a level. However, you should not expect really battles. «Hopping out of reach and Plonk in the staccato on the attack button–even everything in between or bosses as» tactics “off.

At least the elemental forces that slumber in Zack’s suit are a short term ray of hope. On command, the space hero turned ice, fire, and earth forces use for simple puzzles, as well as to fight. With the power of the Earth, Zack for example switch can put, move heavy objects, or allow a devastating areas of the stack.

By ice power, you can both freeze enemies, master as the time when hairy crack deposits. And with flaming aura Zack can grill the alien Pack or glide over a short distance through the air. You can gradually improve the forces by you collect green gems. You have no control over but what strength is improved – ergo it is just eyewash when Zack rises in the level.

Iron Grip: Marauders Review

Iron Grip: Marauders, The Future of Free2Play

Iron Grip Marauders

In the test for the Free2Play – round strategy game iron grip: we our troops in a kind of first-world war with steampunk universe against the enemy – in PvP, but especially in the successful PvE send marauders.

Sometimes you do things that are totally unreasonable, even dangerous. But just cool. Hands free ride bike for example. Or voluntarily engage in the wheel of doom. Never heard of? «The wheel of doom, thus the “wheel of Doom”is a kind of MG fat armoured car rolls instead of normal wheels or chain with two oversized wheels in the battle between them depends on the steel pan with the weapons. The thing is slow, expensive, shoots only on short distance and little harm – claws but circular all enemies in range.

» «The Marauders players call comedy unit tactically rather useless, but very funny vehicle. And when a battle in a narrow town, where we encounter enemies at short range, we will gladly with actually the ruthless Ferris wheel – in open battles, however, would shot away before it comes in range.

Why we all so a strange vehicle start with our test? Because it is symptomatic of the turn-based strategy online game iron grip: Marauders is. The whole scenario seems like a mixture of first and second world war, Jules-Verne-inventions and some steam punk, only without the punks. Here, throw explosive devices on huge rocket launchers mounted Scouts, fire tank destroyer on excavators with rotating wrecking balls, shoot machine Gunners on disgusting Monster lavas with Queen.

The units are never too wacky, you always understood what strengths and weaknesses they have. Also cavort also» divided “among the troops – militia with rifle, Bazooka rifle, artillery, vehicles, and so on.»
Slaughter, screens Brown

Ideal for solo players of Marauders consists of two main elements. One is boring-Brown: online game typical do we recruit as a heavy tank, the level 5 where other games for it to build a reasonably nice city screen vehicles and infantrymen available to us after a couple of seconds to hours, depending on quality – a militia troop logically not so needs level 1 long, Marauders in dröge lists and Brown-tinged picture us. Not just cute then, but at least clear.

Slaughter, screens Brown

Ideal for solo players of Marauders consists of two main elements. One is boring-Brown: online game typical do we recruit as a heavy tank, the level 5 where other games for it to build a reasonably nice city screen vehicles and infantrymen available to us after a couple of seconds to hours, depending on quality – a militia troop logically not so needs level 1 long, Marauders in dröge lists and Brown-tinged picture us. Not just cute then, but at least clear.

The second element is much, much fancier: the battlefields. We are fighting here between ruins, timbered houses, shot machines, in forest hills. The view can be but does not turn, but flip and zoom in at the same time. This is sufficient for the survey and looks good especially as points the units with good animations. Guns for example roll into position, drive supports and fire, while the camera follows the grenade or rocket, which exploded according to caliber in a small, large or groooßem fireball. By the way also time impostor next to the target, because artillery is not entirely accurate as the only branch of service.

Amazing Heart of the Swarm Guide

Now you can become a Master with this HOts Guide


Blizzard is beginner-friendly “Starcraft 2”

Extension for “Starcraft 2”: “Heart of the Swarm” continues the space trilogy from the perspective of the Zerg – and another one on it: with new units, fresh graphics and RPG elements. The new Heart of the Swarm Protoss Guide is very good and informative.

Christmas 2012: Simon ‘FallY’ Kindl gathers his troops one last time, look on a turnaround in its base and worm-like larvae into a fearsome armada of Mutalisks. Attack the flying units attacking the last bunker of the human Terrans and destroy the tanks of the overextended enemy.

Cockroaches do the rest, once again the champion league player has won. Carefully I listen his game analysis, write me down his tips, try it to remember me. And that has its reason: Simon is my personal “StarCraft 2”-coach.

Why do I need it? Now: I must prepare myself. Because three weeks later I visit Paris Blizzard developers. He granted me there in his brand new Europe headquarters exclusive insights into the single-player mode of “heart of the swarm’ (HotS) – the first expansion of strategy giant, which will be released on March 12, 2013.

But this is no problem. Grief brings me a sock – more precisely: Giacomo “Sock” Thüs, a Pro-Gamer of quality. The I should compete against that in multiplayer mode. Here, I’ve denied my last “StarCraft”-Partien about two years ago as the main game was released “Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty”. So not the best prerequisites to be ever prepared for one of the most challenging strategy games. Well, as it comes out, we will see…

The chess of video games

After all: “Starcraft” infuses enormous respect not only me. Like its predecessor, the second part of one of the big chunks in the E-sports and for its hardline multiplayer is notorious. The gameplay is very simple: as in real-time strategy games, set up bases and armies and vying for supremacy on the interstellar battlefield. This beautiful watch from above and issue commands to your air and ground units. Heart of the Swarm Guide

Just like in chess, the right strategy of the key to success is: gathering resources, continuously upgrade your troops, spy on your enemy, and anticipate his actions.

Three warring races are opposite and deliver to fierce fighting: the Zerg, the protoss and the Terrans. Zerg units are easy in comparison to Terran or Protoss, inferior but mostly in the majority. Protoss troops push more hits, but is more expensive. The Terrans have the advanced technology of the protoss nor about the pace of the Zerg. Therefore, the Terran military consists of a flexible mix of very versatile units.

Then not only strategically sophisticated multiplayer battles develop from this difficult Gemengsel: all “StarCraft” title always impressed with exciting single-player campaigns, where the history and the tense atmosphere in the Centre are less the idea of competition.